It’s too late to Speak Out..

It was early morning, 9ish and yet he was sleepy, he slept on time, and there was nothing tiresome he did yesterday, and still.. it felt like he had gone something gruesome.. so he just rubbed his eyes and picked up his phone like he usually does, but something grabbed his attention like no other.. a change in the dp of someone he had fallen for.. just a few days, he thought to himself, he needed just a few more days to grab her hand and tell her everything he is keeping inside and then ask her to be his? and yet suddenly It’s too late to speak out.. every step from here would result in a chain reaction that would destroy his or her life, and he couldn’t really bother with it. He was done destroying people for his sake, so he just took a deep breath and started a process that would probably result in another “bad” decisions he has made in his life, to stop feeling for her. A few necessary steps should be taken before the process starts so he just grabbed his phone, he was shaking a bit, something he hasnt felt in a long time, and then typed, ” I am leaving for a while, Please dont contact me.. Sorry.. Just say Bye”, and as the conversation lasted, he just wanted to be stopped at some point? but nothing was really happening and then she said bye 🙂 and it occured to him.. miracles dont happen, I cant be loved.. its too late to speak out.. but he wouldnt be allowed to run away either, and he cant really stay close.. a deep breath, with a long sigh.. he closed his eyes and began reminsicing and planning, as the night slowly settled, he loves this silence. Solitude suits him, love doesn’t.

Speak Out




2 thoughts on “It’s too late to Speak Out..

  1. Hmm so is this what i missed out on after you disappearing ? I dont know who your talking about but like the 100 times that i have told you … You can be loved and will be . Just wait . I dont know how long but you will find someone who will love you .

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