TremblinG Lips

As I sat across her, not even a metre away, panting slowly just so she cant hear my heartbeat racing, and looking at the ground so she cant see my lips tremble, It’s not the first time I was feeling like this, and probably not the last..

You can say I am in love, but that wasnt a feeling that love gives.. nor was it lust.. cause I just wanted to taste them one more time, its more like a yearning for the known rather than the unknown.. its like the one old song that you could listen to 10 years in the future and your head and feet would automatically match the rythm, like that home you once had where you made all those memories and the nostalgia when you just pass by that particular street.. this was the yearning I had no control over, the yearning of the known..


I was still hiding my face, trying to concentrate on the work as I could feel her smell get closer to me step by step.. I could feel her talking to me, and till now even I just remember her counting to 3.. I have no idea why she was counting but she was, She missed my lips the first time and even though I was glad that I havent, Somewhere my heart sunk down.. and then she started counting again.. after that my body moved on its own at the count of two.. and my trembling lips were finally at rest.. Have I fallen in love too hard that I cant even control myself anymore? or Is it just lust taking over me? I have no idea, but I will do anything to kiss her again.



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