Stuttering Words and Patterns – Heard

I am not really an extrovert kind of guy, but I really like hanging out with friends, be it for an adventure, to a mall or a lan party inside the comfy room I am in, but I take my time being comfortable with people, and I really really take time to build up the confidence to start a topic.. if you could ever watch me standing along a group.. I stutter a few words every couple of seconds just to see if its the right time to speak up? or just shut up and keep the poor joke to myself.. I like being heard.. but not all the time, I am mostly a nonsense talker, unless its something that intrigues me, which.. well a hell lot of thigns do, when there are more than like 3 people? there is kinda a competition between them, who is gonna speak and who is gonna listen, and who will play the joker.. I like to switch roles but being the speaker is difficult, and I love observing everything around me so being a listener comes easy to me.. and I am a joker.. My laugh is weird.. , all-in-all I do justice to all the roles in a conversational group.
A few days ago I was traveling through the metro and there was this guy who was continously talking about something to his friends, like a good genius kid helping out his not so brilliant friends, as mentioned above.. I was observing him, and his speech had the same rhythm throughout different topics he was talking about, some statements, a few questions in between.. a few examples and then some personal experience attached to it.. it repeated like a loop, while his tone was mid? not too excited or overbearing, and it wasnt even too low or scared like I used to have when I didnt know how to talk to anyone.. (especially girls).. the next to do list on my schedule is to experiment it out? I know what they were talking about.. divergent thinking and conservent thinking, which was obviously related to their curriculum or their career choice somehow.. ( it doesnt come in eavedroppings right?.. I mean in illegal eavesdropping… ), anyway I wanna try it out with other topics? something uncommon with any of us.. maybe about some show or anything? whats the different patterns of speeches related to different topics, and how can I get myself heard? it will be pretty stupid and I would be ignored most of the time, cause you cant invite a group of people to a party with a formal tone of speech right? but it will be fun to try it out :D..




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