What Would I Do Without You

What would I do without you?
Would I be able to smile like I do with you again?
What would I do without you?
Would I stop feeling this suffocating pain?

Would I be to hold anybody else in my arms?
Would it ever be as crazy with you? or ever as calm?
WOuld it be fun, would I feel the urge around you?
Would I regret and drown in tears? or just call myself a fool?

Would I be able to ever a smile like that again?
which makes all the void I have flush through the drain?
Would I able to feel alive after years of a dried up soul?
Would I be able to become a blazing fire or just remain an unused coal?

While I dont know what’s gonna happen without you
I know a few things through and through
I have never seen a smile like yours in my entire lifetime
It may not be the most amazing, but atleast its full of life..

I love the different sounds you make,
like little animals being teased in real time
I have no idea how to make you feel like you belong
but I am really trying to love you so I could call you mine

I can hold your hands forever
Love you till the last breath I inhale
but I dont wanna go for it, while I am unsure
cause with you its too real, I never want to fake

you hair is amazing, your eyes make me drool whenever in sight
there are so many things I dont know about you
and you may call me selfish.. and blame for this hopeless crime..
yet, I cant let you go.. out of my life?

So, once again I am back to the starting line
Make my legs ready, the finish line is just in my sights
and yet the question keeps arising in my mind
What would I do without you?
what would I do without you?
and there is only one answer thats floating in my mind
and its.. I would do nothing
Cause living with you.. I wont call Life 🙂




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