A hand on the notebook
other one holding a pen ready to write
what I am gonna write about today,
a new story to share, she thinks in her mind.

the first few words are difficult
thats the foundation, the building takes shape from
if you dont pay attention at the beginning
everything else you harvest will be rotten crop

writing for all her life is her dream
and the possibility to reach people is what she hopes
maybe her words will make people change their mind
maybe they are lonely and this will make them feel at home

every poem she writes is filled with hope
hope to be better, to find a better place to reside,
to touch people’s heart, to be the reason of someone’s smile

every fiction she writes is a dream she had
a life far away from society
or going all-out to save the world
eating without ever getting fat
or just be someone, who will always provide a helping hand

hopes and dreams don’t go side by side
but they are like two sticks supporting each other to stand tall
if one is a little less
the other one will break down
life is about balancing these two,
with courage, all the damn time



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